You can subscribe to the Polish Academy of Sciences` „Academia” magazine in Polish or English. Bilingual versions are also available. „Academia” is an exceptional scientific magazine for the general public, dedicated entirely to achievements of scientists affiliated to the Polish Academy of Sciences – institutes' research workers and committees' members.


By subscribing to the „Academia” magazine you can get a permanent access to information on the most interesting research being currently carried out run by above-average Polish scientists.

Our magazine`s chief asset is its diverse subject matter (natural, exact, technical, social, medical and Earth sciences, humanities). Articles published in „Academia” are written by the most eminent Polish scientists and edited by experienced journalists. In a magazine that is fifty-two pages long you can find overall reviews, short, current reports on research findings, interviews with scientists, profiles of great scholars and above-average research institutions, columns and a gallery of pictures showing the beauty of science. „Academia”`s high factual and editorial level is accompanied by attention to keep the best possible layout and design – attractive and interesting pictures and illustrations.

By reading „Academia” you have your finger on the pulse of Polish scientific research.


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