Archeologists from Poland have discovered the largest known royal palace of the ancient kingdom of Kush in North Sudan. Aside from their intuitions, the researchers were helped by a device called a fluxgate magnetometer

I’m convinced that Mrożek had serious trouble coming to terms with his own identity, and I think that these two traits are the flip sides of his own personality – says Prof. Jerzy Jarzębski

The Ancient Greeks described many different impulsive behaviors, including mania – a religious frenzy – and lyssa – the mad fury of war. The division is analogous to that made by contemporary neurobiology, which classifies aggressive actions as cool or emotional, each driven by distinct, mutually exclusive neurological mechanisms

What is migration: an acute social problem, an anomaly that upsets the world’s natural order and should be eliminated? Or maybe a natural and welcome phenomenon that has been present throughout the history of mankind? What significance does it have for such countries as Poland?

We may not learn much from history, but there are also many positive phenomena to counterbalance the nastiness, brutality, the lack of scruples and responsibility – Dr. Dariusz Libionka feels

Alongside numerous archaeological discoveries, the 18th century brought an upsurge of interest in the age of Antiquity across Europe. Young Polish nobles embarked on Grand Tours "to gather knowledge and experience", the more adventurous ones blazing previously unfamiliar trails

The ways the Romani have been depicted in European literature are projections of various fears, phobias, and prejudices against strangers, while at the same time expressing yearnings for the idealistic side of life – freedom, happiness, and disregard for borders

To achieve success in large corporations, women are adopting strategies which do not conform to traditional gender stereotypes

As long as there are clear-cut borders, things might be OK. But attitudes hostile to a given group take shape as soon as it gets elevated to a higher status – argues Prof. Marcin Kula

Fighting is not something that serves either a language or its users well. If we set good examples, there will be no battles to be fought – says Prof. Andrzej Markowski

The language dates back to the Aztec empire, and it is still in use today: studying Nahuatl allows us to reconstruct its ongoing evolution, as well as other elements of native American culture

Although its public message is deeply rooted in Christian values, the Polish broadcaster Radio Maryja tends to be accused of propagating hate speech. What vision of the world does the station propagate? What kind of discourse does it offer?

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