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Terms of using and/or visiting the Science-Online.pl Webstite/naukaonline.pan.pl Website (www.science-online.pl/www.naukaonline.pan.pl) and the Academia Website (www.academia.pan.pl)

§ 1
1. Websites active at the indicated domains and subdomains are published by the editorial staff of the Polish Academy of Sciences` „Academia” magazine, whose headquartes are at pl. Defilad 1, p. 2110. The editorial staff that prepare both websites is addressed here as naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff.
2. To use information, educational, social, archive, marketing, commercial, documenting and statistical services provided by naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff a User is required to enter into the terms of use, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties set forth in these Terms of Use, abide by and comply with these Terms of Use. In case of any changes in Terms of Use a User can terminate an Agreement. If one does not, it is assumed that the changed Terms of Use are accepted.
3. Any User`s activities such as interactive activities, especially submitting textual content („user comments”) and picture and video content („user videos”), articles and any data, including audiovisual ones, using interactive forms – are regulated by Terms of Use.

§ 2
1. naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff provide information, educational and promotional services. They collect and process User`s personal and other information, including User`s computer hardware and software information – e-mail addresses and IP addresses – to identify Users.
2. Information is collected through a Registration Form or other forms used by abovementioned Websites.
3. naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff reserve the right to put also other information into their database, including the information submitted officially either to the Polish Academy of Sciences or to „Academia” magazine.
4. By using the abovementioned Websites and their Registration Forms, User confirms both authenticity of personal information, provided earlier, and acceptance of the content of hereby Terms of Use.
5. In case of confirming or justified suspicion of User`s personal information and User`s computer hardware and software information fraud found out by naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff, they reserve the right to delete User`s entry or account.
6. In case of breaking the law such as purposeful activities to strain a server, attempts of hacking, including server hacking, flood activities, information stealing, copyright law violation, submitting comments that are contrary to local, national and international laws and regulations, naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff, the Polish Academy of Sciences „Academia” magazine editorial staff or the Polish Academy of Sciences can inform any law enforcement agency, block IP number or take other preventive activities protecting server stored data.

§ 3
1. A User, before using the Websites and starting any interactive activities associated with them is obliged to familiarize oneself with Terms of Use. Using the Websites is tantamount to acceptance of Terms of Use.
2. Accepting Terms of Use by a User is tantamount to announcements such as:
a. I read Terms of Use and I accept all the regulations;
b. I use the Websites voluntarily;
c. Personal information I submitted in a Registration Form are true and it does not violate third-party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights;
d. I agree to process my personal information by naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff, the Polish Academy of Sciences „Academia” magazine and the Polish Academy of Sciences, that was submitted by me through Registration Form/an appeal/a petition to provide services properly, in operational, marketing, programming and statistical undertakings regarding running the Websites;
e. I agree to get newsletters from naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff and the Polish Academy of Sciences „Academia” magazine to my e-mail account provided in interactive forms;
f. I announce that my interactive activities on the abovementioned Websites are legal and do not violate Polish law;
g. I agree to being provided services by naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff, regarding my e-mail account;
h. I am aware of criminal responsibility to put – on the abovementioned Websites – personal information, audiovisual content, visual content or image of a third-party without authorization;
i. I feel obliged to use the Websites according to Terms of Use;
j. I accept and agree for naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl editorial staff to delete information provided by me in the Websites that violates decency, propagates health-risky behaviour, breaks Polish law or infringes a third-party image in any way;
k. I feel obliged to restrain myself from any acts that would make the Websites activities difficult or stop them and using them in the way that could be uncomfortable for other Users;
l. I feel obliged to obey copyright law, invention, patent, trademark and industrial design registration law of naukaonline.pan.pl/Science-online.pl, the Polish Academy of Sciences „Academia” magazine, the Polish Academy of Sciences and other subjects;
ł. I feel obliged not to propagate propaganda or symbols of organizations illegal in Poland;
m. I feel obliged not to break security systems of the abovementioned Websites and obtain passwords and personal information from other Users;
n. I feel obliged not to act against the abovementioned Websites and their servers, especially by using computer codes, computer viruses, „robots” and „worms”, etc. that allow the access to a computer or computer intranet without authorization;

3. It is forbidden to upload the content that is illegal, offensive, false, Nazism propagating, unlawful, violence propagating, immoral and indecent in the abovementioned Websites.

§ 4
1. A User can terminate an Agreement by sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the same address that was submitted through Registration Form.
2. Hereby Terms of Use come into effect when published at www.naukaonline.pan.pl/www.science-online.pl and www.academia.pan.pl Websites.

Published: 13.12.2013


It is a scientific website run by the Polish Academy of Sciences` „Academia” magazine editorial staff.Academia We invite you to send us information on your research, your scientific projects being currently carried out and any events that aim at propagating science.


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